Our mission

    Jugend Eine Welt ....

    ... encourages development and education

    There are close to a billion children living in poverty worldwide. They have no access to clean drinking water, they don't have enough food to eat and they often cannot go to school, as they have to work to provide for their families.

    The organisation provides support through education in youth centres, schools and street children programmes. In this way, disadvantaged children and young people receive a chance for a worthy future. As the motto says: "Education conquers poverty!"

    ... provides help through emergency relief projects

    Following an earthquake or a flood urgent assistance is vital. People often have to leave their homes within a few seconds and lose all their possessions. Shelters must be set up and clean drinking water and food must be provided in order to ensure the survival of victims and to prevent diseases or the outbreak of an epidemic.

    Jugend Eine Welt and our Don Bosco Partners provide quick and unbureaucratic local aid to people in areas that are affected by natural disasters. We often continue our support in these areas for years after the disaster occurred, through for example rebuilding destroyed schools

    .... raises awareness in Austria

    Jugend Eine Welt gives a voice to suffering children and young people from around the world, so that their needs can be understood and their desires fulfilled. With a more extensive campaign, information and educational work, the organisation represents the interests of young people from developing countries

    .... enables young people from Austria to do voluntary service

    The voluntary service is a voluntary mission, unpaid work. Jugend Eine Welt's voluntary service offers young men and women the opportunity of a one year social assignment in a foreign country so that they can learn about the living conditions and the social situations of people in different places

    .... collect donations, a contribution to achieve "One World".

    It is possible to help children living in poor circumstances in many ways, for example through donation, corporate sponsorship, government support or voluntary engagement. Without support from our donors, sponsors and volunteers our work would be impossible. Our organisation depends on support from people, organisations, subsidies and companies. We need your solidarity to be able to help young people living in the most difficult circumstances.

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