Who we are

    Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Aktion is an international aid organization founded in 1997. The purpose of the independent non-governmental organization is national and international youth welfare and cooperation for sustainable development.

    Jugend Eine Welt is guided by Christian motivation and operates in the spirit of Don Bosco, patron of youth.

    Our project partners, the Salesians of Don Bosco (S.D.B.) and the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco (F.M.A.) have been active as catholic orders for more than a century. Today around 16,000 Salesians are acting in more than 130 countries and 14,300 Salesian Sisters in more than 90 countries worldwide. Thanks to them, hundreds of thousands of children receive a chance for a better future.

    Jugend Eine Welt has a unique worldwide network of Don Bosco partners in Asian, African, Latin American and Eastern European countries.

    The organization is guided by Christian values and supports equitable structures. Jugend Eine Welt wishes to contribute to turning the family of mankind into a brotherly community. The objective is a life in abundance for everyone, which means possessing vital necessities, freedom from any type of oppression, recognition and knowledge of dignity and purpose of life as well as the ability and freedom to shape one's own life and to have a voice in the community.

    Annual Reports

      If you are interested in the worldwide engagement of Jugend Eine Welt, please download our annual report with detailed information about our projects, campaigns and finances here - see Annual Report on the right side.

      The Jugend Eine Welt Group

        From Austria in the whole world

        The association Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Aktion Austria was founded on 28 June 1997 as a legally independent non-profit organization.

        The association was restructured in January 2007. Jugend Eine Welt International became the main organization, with the purpose of a faster response to new challenges. Jugend Eine Welt Austria became a branch organization with the new name Jugend Eine Welt Österreich. At the same time the company Don Bosco Service GmbH was also established. The owners of this company are both Jugend Eine Welt International and Jugend Eine Welt Österreich.

        The main field of action of Don Bosco Service GmbH is the promotion of business partnerships and fair trade in order to support the work of Jugend Eine Welt.

        In September 2009 the Jugend Eine Welt Group continued to grow. The Don Bosco Finanzierungs GmbH is a new, non-profit-oriented company of common utility that offers ecclesiastical institutional investors (orders, dioceses, foundations) the possibility to invest their money on fair conditions in specific projects through direct placement, without having to waive the different advantages of these investment opportunities. Due to the regular reports on employment of the funds, it is always precisely known to Don Bosco Finanzierungs GmbH where and what purpose their money serves.

        The Eine Welt Arbeit Association was founded in 2013. Its task is to professionally organize voluntary engagements worldwide for adults with life- and work experience.

        There are five Jugend Eine Welt branch offices at the moment in the following federal states: Kärnten, Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich, Tirol und Vorarlberg. Two affiliated associations, Jugend Eine Welt Liechtenstein and Jugend Eine Welt Südtirol, work very closely with Jugend Eine Welt Österreich since 2006 and 2013.

        The Jugend Eine Welt Foundation

          The Jugend Eine Welt Foundation, founded in July 2016, is not-for-profit and it is one of the 200 Austrian charitable foundations. Its fundamental goals are combating poverty worldwide, enabling education and helping disadvantaged children and youth. Due to the flexibility that the foundational structure offers, the work of Jugend Eine Welt Association can be further optimized, as Reinhard Heiserer, co-founder and board member of the Foundation, explains. The Foundation has already attracted quite some interest and - as Mr. Heiserer added - they are happy to welcome any new donors.

          Contacts - Members of the board:

          Ing. Reinhard Heiserer

          DDr. Katharina Müller


          Mag. Hannes Velik

          Our Partners

            Jugend Eine Welt works together with the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. We take action together for children and youth living in poor circumstances. Our aim is to improve their living conditions.

            Our Partners:
            Salesians of Don Bosco
            Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco
            Don Bosco Network
            Don Bosco Youth Net

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