31st of January – Street Children‘s Day

      What do street children do and how do they live? Are they on the streets voluntarily? How many street children are there? How can we help them?

      There are millions of street children worldwide. These children are shouted at, chased away, pushed around, abused and sometimes even killed by the adults that should in fact care for them.

      With the Street Children's Day, Jugend Eine Welt draws attention to the difficult circumstances these children live in. The opening on January 31st is followed by action weeks. Help Don Bosco Aid Projects with your donation to give street children a future!

      Our new brochure with information, stories, myths and facts about the lives of street children is now available in German. Download

      2017 – Focusing on India

        The focus will be on India within the frames of Street Children's Day 2017. A slide show on the current situation of street children in India is also available among our new materials (German only). Download

        Our new materials for school classes and group lessons were developed together with BAOBAB education centre. The didactical manuals are suitable for elementary schools and the first two classes of secondary school. These materials are available for download here (German only).

        We encourage all of you to participate in commemorating Street Children's Day by taking action, discussing the issue in classes or group lessons using our materials, participating in our events or simply by donating money.

        The action weeks start on January 31st and end with the International Day for Street Children on April 12th. Taking action for street children is of course possible on any day of the year.

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