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        In this way you can help!

          Your donation ensures a better future for boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.  It sustains shelters, education and reinforcement of rights for children and young people with no opportunities in Africa, Asia, South America or Eastern Europe.


          Help through



          • as a propagator: tell your friends about our work. This way, you help to advertise Jugend Eine Welt and make it easier for us to find new sponsors.
          • as one-time volunteer you will organise lectures and educational events and spread the philosophy of Jugend Eine Welt and Don Bosco.


          Get involved...

          • with benefit action: get involved to help others – that is the motto for lots of school classes and engaging groups. For example, through raising money for South American street children by polishing shoes, a raffle, a charity football event or a Christmas market.
          • as a volunteer for Jugend Eine Welt: There is always so much to do, in our office in Vienna-Hietzing, or in different events, for example, Christmas markets or Information events.  Without the help of people’s hands, of their volunteer work and free provision, in the past, a great deal would not have been able to have been done.



          • through private donations: would you like to promote a specific project? Or would you like to give up a birthday or Christmas present to give the money to street children or young people in the slums? Jugend Eine Welt’s staff is delighted to present to you our chosen aid project.  The organisation ensures that all data is treated confidentially.
          • through your legacy: have you ever considered using a part of your bequest for a good cause ? In your will you can consider Jugend Eine Welt as a joint heir or leave a legacy to us. A legacy can be, for example, sums of money or land.  Perhaps your children are already adults, and you would like a part of your assets to be donated to the education of disadvantaged children in developing countries - where it goes, you decide.
          • through sponsoring: values, responsibility and ethics are also important to the economy.  More and more companies are getting involved socially. They create a positive image of themselves external and internal solid beliefs and awareness .  If your business would like to get involved, you will not only offer a worthy future to single young people but also to many others.  Your business can also individually fund social or existing foundation programmes and in this way, civil society will strengthen in developing countries.
          • Through non interest or generous loans: With this Jugend Eine Welt can facilitate helping to create people’s livelihoods in southern countries or pre-financing in the organisational area. Generous loans facilitate our project partners in developing their establishments more quickly.


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